Hunsbury, suburb of Northampton since the Iron Age!

Hunsbury is an area to the south of Northampton town centre and is generally a very pleasant place to live. The large housing estate was developed from the 1970s and growing up, I pretty much thought that there was nothing really historical about it. Now, of course, that is very much a wrong assertion as people living here are creating new stories, memories and histories constantly. While these will probably be lost to posterity and forgotten even by the individuals who created them (as we forget things all the time), there is plenty of history here nonetheless. History is not just wars, castles and battles!

It was when (and I honestly cannot remember exactly when) I learned that there were remains of ancient Iron Age hill fort located in a West Hunsbury park, my mind blew! Only joking, I don't exactly remember much of my original reaction either. But what I can tell you is what I think about this now. Honestly, I think that it is awesome. Thousands of years ago, ancient inhabitants of this area were going about their lives, living in a fort in what is now a comfortable suburban area. This fort was discovered in the later nineteenth-century but, many artefacts were sadly destroyed due to iron quarrying that took place in the area during the period. There are no obvious signs that there ever was anything here at all, save a few information boards that you can find dotted around.

I really do wonder who these fort dwellers were, what they thought of the world and even what their names were. While an expert in this area of history could quite possibly answer some of these questions, they will not be able to answer them all. It is a lovely area to have a walk around and the forest-feel also makes for a pleasant experience. If you ever do come to Hunsbury Country Park, just take a moment to imagine this area as a hill fort from a couple thousands years ago!


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