My home town....Northampton

I won't be the last to admit this, and I am most certainly not the first to either, but Northampton isn't the most "beautiful" or most "famous" of towns in the universe to have ever been created. However, it does have an amazing history, something that a "Northamptonian" can be proud of. This local history (the idea I always used to think was boring because it wasn't big battles and tanks) is actually quite the....well history. It is one powerful reason why I feel an affinity with the town of my birth, a town which is regularly called a s***hole by residents. I mean......are they wrong? On a more serious note I'll leave the validity of that statement to anyone who has ever been there or is from there.

Ok, I am joking, it is not a s***hole, its got a cinema and........things. Anyway, it actually is a nice place with great people and, as is the point being stressed here, an amazing past. Northampton was the centre of the British shoe making industry, had a once-great castle which was visited by medieval kings and, is the county town of Northamptonshire. The county town of the county which borders more English counties than any other (standing at 8)! Furthermore and remember I love battles, the Battle of Northampton in July 1460 during the War of the Roses (1455-1485), was the first battle in which artillery was attempted to be used on a wide scale. Spoiler alert, the Yorkist army won and the Lancastrian army lost.

Now we move on to the historic Northampton Castle......but only we can't move on to this because it doesn't exist anymore. Blame the train station, or rather blame the people who knocked down what was left of it. Yet on the site of the station is something that I do quite enjoy.

History of Northampton-I do love this

Excuse the poor image quality, lighting etc., but this is a small display which exists outside of the station building. It gives a brief yet highly informative historical overview of Northampton's history, from its pre-history days to the near-present.

Another poor shot, but you get the picture of how cool this is

I would simply recommend reading the entirety of this and it is really informative. Plus, it really doesn't take that long either, which is great if you have some extra time to spare while waiting for a train. Or if you time to spare when arriving in Northampton, again I would recommend you taking a few minutes out of your day to learn a little piece of this history.

Some good websites of some further interesting topics to visit if you would like to learn some history about this fascinating town, then you can check out the following:

> For the Battle of Northampton (1460) click here

>For a little introduction into the history of the Jewish community of Northampton, click here

>For a general history of Northampton, click here

>A great and informative project of Northampton's history was created by the University of Northampton and can be found here!


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