No history for ya today

Today I just feel like doing some rambling. Right now we live in a strange world that is undergoing a major pandemic. Never before has the entire planet literally shut down like it has now. We will never get the pre-Corona world back. While some funny memes have come out of this lockdown period, we ought to never forget that too many have lost their lives. With all the social distancing going on, the world is also seeming a little bit more lonely too. We have become a much more connected people with our Zoom calls, FaceTime, and even with simple text messages, but there is something very lonely about communicating through a digital screen. We can see and hear each other, but we are not with them. Hopefully and with respect for those who have lost their lives, we will not take personal contact for granted ever again.

A time when we can hug again is a time which many are longing for. However, on a positive note, football has returned...sort of. If you are Belarus, then it pretty much carried on. But it is Germany that has seen the Bundesliga return. France and the Netherlands have both cancelled their seasons, but Germany is pioneering how football will work in the new pandemic-ridden world. Hopefully it goes really well because if it does, then it will increase support for the return of the Premier League. Obviously, it has to be safe for the players and all staff in order for the league to resume, but with the social distancing measures in place and the playing of games behind closed-doors will hopefully raise national morale, in England. (Yes I haven't mentioned politics and to be honest, I can't be bothered to state my opinion of the government's response, just see the main social media position).

One huge positive though of these crazy times is that pollution levels have decreased due to many large cities, well entire countries largely shutting down. On the news, we have seen UK waters become a more natural blue, diverse creatures in the canals of Venice and turtles laying their eggs on a Thai beach....I think it was in Thailand. Anyways, the point is we are witnessing how the planet can bounce back if we give it a chance! I really do hope that we change are ways after Covid-19. While it is repeatedly stated that the "old world", or the "B.C" (before Corona) world is over, I hope that we will treat our planet a little more kindly. If we stop polluting, the evidence of how much of an impact that can have after just a few weeks is clear to see. There are fears that pollution levels will increase dramatically again in the coming months as states seek to restart their economies, but hopefully we will actually rethink how we do things. This pandemic has certainly forced us too in how we interact, travel and work.

Who knows what the future holds for us, but it certainly is more comfortable to read about historical events than to be living within their pages!! Although, our collective future may come to better as a result of it?


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