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Every day in the calendar is an anniversary of something. Undoubtedly it is the anniversaries of many marriages, and probably divorces too, but I wanted to find out what happened on this day. This day being (due to the lockdown, I barely know what day it is!), Thursday the 21st of May, 2020. Well, plenty has happened I must say.

To all the Montenegrins in the world, happy Independence Day! Yes, on this day in 2006, Montenegro voted to become an independent country, thus being the final nation to lead the Yugoslav state (which after 2003 was named the state of Serbia and Montenegro, which was just them and Serbia at this point. Interesting.

From Wikipedia

What else happened on this day you may ask, well in France in 2001, the act of slavery was declared to be a crime against humanity. This was formalised in the French Taubira Law. This year has also witnessed the French president, Jacques Chirac declare that the 10 of May in France would henceforth be a national day of remembrance for victims of French slavery. When nations apologise for past acts of inhumanity, I always find this very interesting. In some ways I believe that bringing our nations to account for their past actions is very important and needs to be done. This sends a message that (hopefully) we understand the wrong and evil that we have done in the past, and that we ought to never allow ourselves to fall so low ever again. Also, I do turn and think about the victims and what they would make of some politicians in a wealthy nation (a nation that profited immensely from the slave trade and the institution of slavery) apologising centuries later. They couldn't ever get their lives back, the heartbreaks and deaths undone. Anyways, slavery is one of humanity's worse crimes which it has committed against its members.

From Wikipedia-advert for an upcoming slave auction

The Falklands War was ongoing on this day back in 1982. This day witnessed a British amphibious assault (Operation Sutton) which led to the Battle of San Carlos. This was a battle which pitted Argentine and British planes and ships against each other. The result of this engagements which lasted from the 21st of May through to the 25th, was that the British forces managed to successfully establish a beachhead on East Falkland island.

I got these events from Wikipedia and selected some relatively recent ones that I found pretty interesting. I may do some more of these posts in the future and when I look back I can have a nice little collection of past events that happened on such and such a day. This has been my first post in five days! Time flies in lockdown when all days seem the same.

History man, we are certainly living through it.


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